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Backyard Bird Watching


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Black-capped Chickadee

Bird watching...

is a favorite hobby for many, young and old.

Bird watching is a simple, fun, and relaxing hobby that anyone, young or old, can participate in, in almost any location.

Even city or urban backyards can become a nesting ground for wild birds with just a little attention to detail.

If you want to provide a cozy little haven where birds will come to feed, pass though, and eventually live, here are a few things to do:

First, having a garden is a huge help. It doesn't have to be large. Even a small garden will benefit both birds and butterflies as will be drawn towards a natural setting. Concrete and steel strikes most animals as a hostile environment because of the lack of food, water and shelter. If you have some space for trees or a few shrubs or ferns, birds will feel much more secure and at home.

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With foliage in place, your next step is to make sure that birds will come to your backyard. Like any living thing, wild bird needs are simple - food, water, and shelter. Paying attention to the the first two needs is important as birds will not consider nesting in a place where these are scarce.


Attract Wild Birds by Feeding Them

Set up bird feeders in your backyard. These don't have to be elaborate - something as simple as a row of plastic cups filled with birdseed will do.  My grandmother always used a metal pie tin and placed it on her windowsill where she would sit and watch the birds for hours during bleak winter months.

You can also grow plants in your garden that naturally grow seeds and berries that wild birds love. Look into growing a variety of plants which provide food no matter what the season, or grow groups of plants that bloom in different seasons so that your little guests have food all year round.

In the winter months, dead branches or stalks from your garden will serve as perches for your birds. This is especially enjoyable if you place your garden near a window in your home and place a bird feeder close by.



Wild Birds Need Water

Water is the next consideration. You don't need an elaborate or expensive birdbath or fountain. Shallow pools of water will do.

If you want to keep things simple, try fresh water in a dish or tray. An inch or two tops. You do not want to drown your birds! If you see them struggle, place a rock in the center of your dish. Allowing the rock to be exposed to air will act as a perch so they can drink.

You can even install a small container water garden for a more natural setting.

Give Wild Birds a Home

Lastly, birds that become comfortable with your backyard will build nests there.

Trees and dense foliage from your garden will attract birds, providing shelter, camouflage and protection from predators.

Of course, you can always provide a birdhouse for nesting backyard birds to make a home.

Have I whetted your interest in backyard bird watching? Hopefully, if you haven't already joined the happy throngs of backyard bird watchers, these tips will help you get started!










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