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Feeding Your Wild Birds


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Feeding Your Wild BirdsThe first and most important element in choosing bird food is quality. Be sure that you are using a proven product that is of a high quality.

Some low-quality seeds, for example, contain a lot of filler that is not seed at all. The birds are much less interested in such food, and may go elsewhere to eat if they find that the low-quality food is the only option available to them on your property.

High-quality food is the best way to attract the widest variety of birds to your yard, and helps to keep them healthy and happy.

When dealing with seed, Nyjer seed (also called Nijer seed) is the only imported seed in the bird-feeding world.

It tends to be more expensive than the run-of-the-mill seed available at the local grocery or pet store, but it is a favorite among many wild birds. Among the birds that love it are doves, finches, and sparrows.

Mixing Nyjer seed with other varieties of high-quality local seed is a great way to stretch your supply while keeping the birds coming back for more.






Basic nectars can be made at home with sugar and water. It is important to note, however, that you should not use artificial sweeteners or honey in making nectars, as both can make birds ill.

Here is a homemade hummingbird nectar recipe for you, compliments of the Wildbird-Shop!

Suet is compressed bricks or cakes of a variety of seeds, nuts, and other ingredients meant to allow birds to pick and pull at what they want. You can use quality suet products in outside feeders all year round.










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