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Birdbath in YardBirds need water...

There's no doubting that.

If you enjoy watching birds, you probably have caught them after a rain shower dipping themselves in a nearby puddle and shaking themselves off. They're so much fun to watch! Yes, fun for us - but a very serious business for the birds!

Birds need for water serves to keep them healthy. They not only need water for drinking but also for keeping their feathers clean. This process doesn't stop in warmer weather. Birds need to have a source of fresh water even in the colder wintry months.

Water is used by birds for a variety of reasons. Drinking and bathing are obvious. Not so obvious is the need for water to build their nests. Have you ever looked closely at a birds nest and noticed that it was not only made with twigs and grass - mud was part of the "paste" that helped to keep it together.



The ideal birdbath should be 1" - 3" deep with water, mimicking a puddle. Keep the water fresh and clean as birds will look for another source of clean water if your source becomes dirty. Stagnate water invites bacteria, and mosquitoes will use your birdbath as a breeding ground!

You should clean your birdbath every 3 or 4 days. Using a garden hose is fine. A more intensive cleaning can also be done once or twice a year. Bleach or vinegar with a stiff brush can be used. Remember to rinse thoroughly. 











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