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Bird Baths




If you want to attract birds to your yard, the key is to offer them a source of clean water--preferably moving water.

Studies of bird habits have shown that yards with birdbaths attract two to three times more birds than those with only a feeder. Clearly, a truly dedicated bird lover should have a birdbath or two in his or her yard.

At the, we have a variety of birdbaths and accessories to choose from that are as beautiful as they are practical. Our beautiful hanging birdbaths are all modestly sized and the perfect depth to hold the just right amount of water. The ideal variable depth of water in a birdbath is three inches, and our baths are right in this neighborhood. All of our hanging birdbaths come complete with weather-resistant hanging hardware, and are ready to mount and use right out of the box. In addition to being beautifully styled, each one is durable and easy to clean.

Our pedestal baths come in many different types. You can find beautiful pieces that can be the focal point of your garden, made from plastics, metals, glass, or terracotta. There is sure to be a style to fit your outdoor decor! All of our pedestal birdbaths are easy to clean. This is ideal, since regular cleaning is good for the health of the birds. If you can, you should hose your birdbath down daily.

Some of our birdbaths are heated to keep the water available to the birds in winter. We also offer a unique product called the Water Wiggler, which agitates the water in your bird bath to keep it fresh.

For more information about the optimal use of birdbaths, we invite you to call one of the lifelong bird lovers at 845-697-4180. We can answer any questions about the products we sell or how to make your yard more bird-friendly.


Bird bath replacement bowls, bird bath misters, bird bath rings and stands, and other accessories can be found here, Bird Bath Accessories.

Our Favorite Birdbaths:

Bird Waterer & Birdbath

Bird Waterer

& Birdbath


More Info

Verdigris Pedestal Bird Bath

Verdigris Pedestal



More Info

Hanging Birdbath Cuban Bowl

Hanging Birdbath

Cuban Bowl


More Info

Red Cedar Heated Birdbath

Red Cedar

Heated Birdbath


More Info

Heated Birdbath with a Metal Stand

Heated Birdbath

w/Metal Stand


More Info

Round Hanging Birdbath - Spice


Hanging Birdbath


More Info

Red Fiber Clay Birdbath

Red Fiber

Clay Birdbath


More Info

Alycon Circles Hanging Birdbath

Alcyon Circles

Hanging Birdbath


More Info










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