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We are very please to recommend the following websites as additional resources related to wild birds.

A great resource for those who have questions about wild birds. Be sure to join Christine Tarski's mailing list!

Bird Friends of San Diego County
A pleasant site with plenty of pictures by the webmaster. He provides MANY pictures and details about the birds living in his area. Many of these birds can be found living near you. I high recommend visiting this site.

New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation
A great site for wild bird lovers.
Discover nature across the continent and close to home. Features include a library of over 500 bird calls, guides to National Parks and Refuges, a Backyard Habitat Planner, and the Ask an Expert section.

The Bluebird Box
A great source focusing on bluebirds.

The Owl Pages
A great source of information about owls.

Gardening & Birds
Learn How to Attract More Wild Birds and Butterflies to Your Backyard with these Bird Feeder Success Secrets and Garden Planning Tips.

What Bird
The ultimate bird guide.
Offering tons of lesson plans and projects for elementary students. This site gives great ideas for do-it-yourself bird feeder plans for your children.

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder

About Bird and Bird Feedings
A comprehensive site provided by Cornell University and their "Project Feeder Watch" program. Some topics include "Feeder Types," "Feeder Placement and Landscaping," "What to Feed Birds," "Safe Feeding Environment," "Other Feeder Visitors," "Bird Identification," and a few more.

Make a Nestbox for Small Birds
A nestbox recipe for kids from RSPB Wildlife Explorers.

Gardening Community

Bird Watching Advice
Bird watching advice is a site with articles containing tips and advice for bird watching enthusiasts.










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